LACE your day with some FUCKING ANARCHY! Think critically and question EVERYTHING!

Our music is a cross between the raw, angry honesty of garage punk, throw in some melodic guitar leads and a little SOUTHERN ROCK! 
          James Cundiff plays guitar like a man on a mission with NO MERCY COMING .

 Lena Campbell is our own "Mistress of Anarchy" and brings the PUNK with her raw angry lyrics and attitude. 

Jon Robert Quinn "The Quinnessential" - Satriani inspired guitarist with a 20 year career as a solo artist joins Anarchy Lace in his first ever  band project. JRQ brings smooth and intense lead guitar adding a dynamic that is reminiscent of any successful metal band. 

Nick "The Animal" Peseley lays down the  beats!

 Sid "The Admiral" Akbarv- likes his bass lines funky and his women even funkier - Wait? What? 


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